Digital Bayou Recording Studios


Digital Recording Studio located 10 miles south of Rayne, Louisiana in the community of Indian Bayou. ┬áJust a short drive from Lafayette, Louisiana. We feature 24 tracks of up to 192 Khz digital recording. We also have lot’s of outboard gear to “fatten” up your sound. We specialize in demo’s/album’s for individual artist’s who don’t have a band. We can create a track for your existing melodies, or help you create the melodies.

New to songwriting? Songwriter Demos are one of our specialties. We can give you a quality demo at a reasonable price. Compare us to the “Nashville” demo machine. We won’t let you down!

We can record your band also. Listen to a few of our tracks and if you like what you hear, let us record your next project.

7 thoughts on “Digital Bayou Recording Studios

  1. I am interested in hiring you to record a demo of some of my songs. I have way to many to record them all

  2. Interested in recording an EP. Searching for a studio to record in and I’d like to hear more demo’s of songs if you have them. As well as see prices for studio time.

  3. My name is Al Guidry (Portfolio 2000 Entertainment Photography): Photos of you choice: (CD Covers, Web Site, Composites, Posters, Collages, etc.) If you may be in need of an experience photographer or you may know a band that is looking for one please feel free to give me a call for all your questions. 337 406-0927 or by e-mail: Thank you for reading my message that was very kind of you: May you have an awesome day:
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  4. I am interested In recording a 12 song cd. I believe in digital its the new age of recording. Musicians are ok but only when they feel up to playing and when they are not, well all hell breaks loose. I am not interested in Hell, I am only interested in Heaven lol. Maybe I am on a trek that might never materialize but dreams are born everyday. Send me a number so we can talk, my finger is getting sore. Oh! And I reside in Lafayette but, I am not into Cajun or Zydeco music. Trust me. I have nothing against it as I have friends who are musicians in this genre of music but, I am a Blues Artist. Well, you know the difference lol.

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